Choosing the right finish for your timber floor is a vital aspect of bringing out the natural beauty of the wood. Penetrating agents like oil and wax, water-based polyurethane and oil modified polyurethane are used to minimise the occurrence of split boards or edge bonding and wide gaps.
Natural Oil- It penetrates deep into the timber and produces a darker and rich colour that enhances the natural appearance of the timber and requires minimum maintenance. This is an environment-friendly option that is non-toxic in nature.
Waterborne Polyurethane- This environment-friendly floor finish provides a natural look and works best on light coloured timber to prevent yellowing. They are durable and also prevent edge bonding.
Oil-modified polyurethane- It is made from the mixture of plasticisers, synthetic resins and other film forming ingredients that are extremely durable and moisture resistant. It also prevents splitting boards and edge bonding.
Polyurethane – Solvent Based- This type of finish is scratch and moisture resistant and produces the highest level of gloss. This floor finish forms a tough resilient surface that protects the timber floor from the everyday rigours and spills.