Choosing the right finish for your timber floor is a vital aspect of bringing out the natural beauty of the wood. Penetrating agents like oil and wax, water-based polyurethane and oil modified polyurethane are used to minimise the occurrence of split boards or edge bonding and wide gaps.
Natural Oil- It penetrates deep into the timber and produces a darker and rich colour that enhances the natural appearance of the timber and requires minimum maintenance. This is an environment-friendly option that is non-toxic in nature.
Waterborne Polyurethane- This environment-friendly floor finish provides a natural look and works best on light coloured timber to prevent yellowing. They are durable and also prevent edge bonding.
Oil-modified polyurethane- It is made from the mixture of plasticisers, synthetic resins and other film forming ingredients that are extremely durable and moisture resistant. It also prevents splitting boards and edge bonding.
Polyurethane – Solvent Based- This type of finish is scratch and moisture resistant and produces the highest level of gloss. This floor finish forms a tough resilient surface that protects the timber floor from the everyday rigours and spills.


Flooring is one of the most important parts of your home and also increases the value of your home. Maintaining your wooden floors is absolutely necessary to prevent damage and reduce wear and tear. To add value to your home you need to maintain the floors of your home efficiently and make sure that it has the power to stand the test of time.
Ways to maintain timber floors

  • Use mats from breathable fabrics that trap dirt and prevent moisture entrapment so that dirt and grit don’t get trodden inside.
  • If possible you can also dust the floor with an electrostatic broom.
  • Immediately wipe any accidental spills on the timber floor so that it doesn’t get absorbed or stick to the floor.
  • Make sure that the timber floor is not exposed to direct sun rays as it can discolour the wood.
  • Use fit protective pads on the legs of tables and chairs so that they can be easily moved without scuffing the floors.
  • Get advice from reliable flooring expert like Ab Fab Floors to get a sanding and polishing job done after regular intervals to tackle small damages and also retain the natural gloss of the floors.


Trust our experienced team of floor polishing experts to restore the shine and gloss of your worn out or damaged floors. We stay up to date with the latest technology, trends, news, equipment and polishing products to provide you with the finest polishing services. The chemicals used for cleaning the floors damage the appearance of the floors and results in fading and scratches. To clean the accumulated dirt on the floors and return the elegance of glossy wooden floors it is very important to polish the floors by professionals.
Benefits of Polishing

  • It is an incredibly cost-effective method that provides long lasting effects.
  • Polishing improves visual appearance of the floors by returning the natural sheen.
  • It sinks well into the timber and gives a hard coating that is water resistant.
  • Polishing the wooden floors help to regain the lost glory of the floors and make it look like new.


Ab Fab Floors offers all types of flooring solution including flooring restoration like repair, replacement, cleaning and polishing to not only residential clients but also to offices and stores. Our modern and advanced machinery ensure that you get best results. Our restoration work involves the following processes:

  • Removal of split or damaged floorboard with new floorboards
  • Getting rid of squeaky floorboards in no time
  • Repair the scratch marks on the floor boards
  • We also smooth out and sand away any dents that have appeared on the floor boards
  • Repair the traffic affected areas by applying a new finish